Restaurant Consultation Services


We are a full service restaurant consultant specializing in BOH and FOH operations in new and existing restaurants and bars.  Our personal consultation services bring the benefit of an experienced head chef to your door, without the expense of keeping one on staff.

BOH Services

Menu Creation

Hiring and training of all kitchen staff

Purchasing and set up of kitchen equipment

Vendor set up

Purchasing of small wares

All other relevant services

FOH Services

Complete set up for FOH, including table top, glass ware and china

Coffee and tea vendor selection

Wine and spirits vendor set up and purchasing

Training of FOH staff

Purchase of your computer system

All other relevant services

Advantages of Having a Consultant

Have a top level chef at your call to create your menu, train staff and to come back as often as needed without hiring a full time chef (increasing profits). We will work with you to get the right signature for your restaurant.

Periodic menu revision to keep your restaurant current

Have access to one person who can help you with ALL aspects of your business

Work with a chef and manager who has the proper balance between the newest trends and the right traditional concepts

We limit the amount of clients we work with at one time

Very reasonable fees

We also have PR capabilities and can help get press and TV coverage for the restaurant


  1. Sanjay Gupta · · Reply

    I want to consult about my worker kitchen in my Garment factory

    1. Hello. Please give me your phone number and i will contact you. Bob

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