About the Chef

Pride and Balance: the two words that accurately depict Chef Robert Jacobs’ life as a chef and his approach to food.

At first glance, Chef Jacobs’ creations appear simplistic. But don’t be fooled – while he uses understandable and approachable elements, his flavor combinations are complex and beguiling.  Chef feels that there is more discipline in knowing what not to include in a dish than there is in overdoing it. While many chefs believe that “more is more”, this “seasoned veteran’s philosophy is just the opposite.  He achieves greatness by taking a few top quality ingredients, seasoning them just right and then applying the proper cooking technique. The result: perfection ala minimalism.

Jacobs grew up in Port Chester, New York, a village in Westchester County about 25 miles north of New York City.  The first thing he learned to cook … scrambled eggs, a dish he still enjoys making now.

After graduating from Hunter College in NYC, he became a radio newscaster and reporter.  After conquering radio, he turned golf professional, where unlike cooking, slicing is a bad thing.  After  several years he put all of his efforts into the kitchen and hasn’t looked back.

The native New Yorker moved to South Florida in 2004 and shortly thereafter opened RJ KITCHEN, a restaurant in a South Beach luxury resort .  He ran this private eatery for 2 years, thrilling residents with his “no-nonsense” dishes, before starting a consulting business, which took up most of his time…until coming aboard at MIAMI BLUES.

The self-taught chef believes in a hands-on approach; he is the first one in the kitchen each day and the last one out every night.  Even before his cooks come in, he’ll have finished his prep and prepared any number of sauces (just one of his strong points). Chef uses many of the principles of high-end gastronomy to create his trademark casually elegant, straight-forward style of food.

Chef Jacobs lives in West Boca Raton. He has two daughters, Pam and Chana.

The chef still plays an occasional round of golf, has made several television appearances in New York and Florida, and has taken part in numerous charitable events including March of Dimes, Taste of the Nation, and Windows of Hope, which benefitted the families of restaurant workers killed in the attack on the World Trade Center.

With a strong work ethic and a need to constantly improve, Chef is proud of his accomplishments and what he does day-to-day, but is never completely satisfied. To keep learning and growing – even after years in the business – is just one more of Chef Jacobs strengths.

You can view Chef Robert Jacobs’ profile on Chef’s Roll here.


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