About RJ Kitchen Consulting

By using RJ Kitchen Consulting services, you will have the benefit of a kitchen that is overseen by a Head Chef, without having to actually hire a full time Head Chef. This is particularly valuable as the costs of running a restaurant continue to increase. Once we have helped to set up your operation, we will always make ourselves available to follow up on an ongoing basis.  We can be of service to you in every aspect of your operation, in both the front and back of the house.

As a top level chef, Robert Jacobs’ cuisines are modern and innovative, yet approachable to the diner. He specializes in balancing flavors and writing menus which are not only exquisitely pleasing to the customer, but very executable by your kitchen staff.

Our consultation fees are very reasonable and you will immediately realize a savings in running your operation while having access to a professional chef.


  1. John Ioris · · Reply

    Great site, even better food!

  2. That is an electrifying adorn oneself of the palatinate tow pro you. rjkitchenconsulting.com

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